About MarchamCentre

The Marcham Centre is the name for all the new community facilities on the Anson Field in Marcham.

The 100-year old village hall in Marcham has been closed for 15 years and now, finally, the new village hall has been built. It provides facilities for all the residents of Marcham (Oxfordshire) and the adjacent villages of Frilford and Garford, and the wider area. As well as the village hall, there is a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA), a football pitch (as well as a new junior pitch) and cricket pitch.

We rely on volunteers to keep the Centre running. There are three sub-committees who run the facilities - one for the village hall, one for the playing fields and MUGA and a third committee to manage the finances. Why not join us? Contact us for more details:
Call Jim Asher 01865 391727 Email

Marcham Community Group (MCG) operates the new Marcham Centre

The Marcham Centre is managed and operated by Marcham Community Group Marcham Community Group (MCG). MCG was founded by a group of local residents with a shared vision: establishing a community centre and running events for Marcham and surrounding villages where people can come together and enjoy some first class facilities.

Over recent years MCG has driven forward the development of new community leisure facilities in Marcham. While doing this MCG has also been concerned with actively encouraging the revival of some of the communal events and the social life in the village through its many fundraising events.

As a membership organisation with elected directors, MCG represents its members' views. MCG holds open information meetings on important issues (to which non-members are welcome as well). The new Marcham Centre is now open and so MCG will value its members' input more than ever.

By becoming a member you receive regular news bulletins to keep you informed and you have a voice in the way the village facilities develop.
MCG also has its own website at marcham.org which includes a membership form